About Your Climb

Whether it’s your first climb or your first time at Tree Top Adventures, there are a few things you may want to consider before you arrive.
About your Climb | Tree Top Adventures at Barton Orchards

Preparing for Your Climb

To ensure that you are prepared and to make sure your climb is safe, fun, and seamless follow the information below and you will be a step ahead and ready to “Face Your Fears.”

What to wear?

Tree Top Adventures will challenge you mentally and physically, so it is important that you wear something comfortable. You will want to wear clothing that does not impede your range of motion or restrict movement.


We recommend sweatpants, jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, etc. No dresses or skirts. Make sure the clothing is temperature-appropriate and remember that you will feel warmer as you climb due to the physical exertion.

Footwear & Gloves

Closed-toed sneakers are required. Work boots, sandals, and dress shoes are not allowed as they increase the risk of injury and damage to the course.


Gloves can be purchased for $3.00/ea prior to the climb or you can bring your own. Just make sure that they are form-fitting and appropriate for outdoor use. Gloves used for light garden labor will work well.

Arrival & Check-In

All climbers are required to check in at the farm market 30 minutes before their climb. This is to allow enough time to make sure that everyone is there and that their waivers are signed. All climbers are encouraged to have their waivers completed beforehand to speed up the check-in process and get everyone transported down to the park.


Haven’t signed your waiver yet? Click here and follow the prompts.


Transportation? Once you have been checked in, you will be transported down to the park for suit-up and receive climbing instruction. Climbing instruction will take about an hour and you will have 3 hours to climb the courses and “Face Your Fears.”

After the Climb

We will transport you back to the Farm where you can check out our farm market, ice cream stand, concession stand, and tap room. There is a lot to do on the farm during these non-festival days and there is no charge for admission!

If you have any further questions about climbing Treetop Adventures at Barton Orchards, please visit our FAQ page or contact us anytime.

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